Paper Miniatures

I have a love for miniatures games also. Sometimes, its as much fun to just have a battle or two. I love terrain, and I love building it. Years ago, I had a huge collection of miniatures, and a lot of home built terrain I was really proud of. It was almost all Fantasy or Sci-Fi stuff though. After ten years of moving, and driving a cattle truck for a living, I left pieces of my collection all over, from Oklahoma City to Hereford Texas, to Clovis New Mexico.

My ex-wife, an amazing mini painter in her own right, wound up with the bulk of our figure collection.  I hope she's still enjoying them.  Now days, I have much less space, both for storage and workspace. A couple of years ago, I discovered the OneMonk Miniatures Forum . I love the place, and the people there. I've learned a huge amount from those talented folks. You should go check it out.

In any case, I've switched my miniatures collecting over to Paper Figures.  I've drawn several sets, but as I haven't gotten them colored in as of yet, I haven't shared much.
A few things I've been working on.

Its mostly just line art at this point. I'm still undecided as to how I want to color them. I was really worried they would lose all the detail printed out at 28-30mm. So far so good. I need to figure out my coloring style.

At this point, I still don't have enough figures or terrain made up to have an actual game. Sad. Here's a little of what I have gotten made up.

 The Parlour Saloon is a Whitewash City building I modified. Pretty simple stuff.