Varied, Unfocussed Interests

No posts much lately. Sorry folks.  I've got way too many irons in the fire currently.  I don't know whats wrong with me.  I get all these ideas and no time to execute them.

Projects include;
1. Mounted Western paper figures. I'm a little unsure as to what angle I want to draw these at.  Full profile or three quarters view. I like both. Maybe some of each.

2. Paper terrain buildings, for my Brimstone Game.  I've heavily modified some Whitewash City stuff I have, and a friend over at Cardboard Warriors has hooked me up with a horde of Western-ish buildings and other structures. Awesome. Thanks Vermin King.  Still I'm trying to find an adobe texture I really like. That someone doesn't want to charge $20 for. Really? I've also been tempted to purchase THIS. Not sure on that yet... I really want some stuff I can share, and I won't share another artist's work, or my mods of that work.

3. Finish the re-draw and re-color of my existing figures.  The early ones I did look....  really really amateurish and bad to me now.  I'd like to re-do them. They deserve that I think. I'm tempted to make them unavailable until I get them re-done.

4. Paper figures for my good friend Josh's Star Wars game. I found a bunch of vehicles and the like here. I LOVE Star Wars. It has so many western elements. I have to admit I'm more Original Trilogy though.  Han fired first!  I was thinking of re-drawing the figures I found there, and the ones Parduz on Cardboard Warriors made up, so they'd look correct and be the same style as any custom figures I made. Strange I know but I like the tabletop to have a consistent style.

5. Finish my tabletop Terrain boards. I need some ground textures for those as well.  Nothing I've seen available commercially looks quite right to me. Not that World Works and Fat Dragon don't make some great stuff,  it just doesn't have the look I want.

6. I have an urge to make the "Guns of Brimstone" story in to a Machinima production, likely using "The Movies" game by Lionhead Studios. I've found a lot of Western mods. Here, and here. Amazing stuff. I was blown away by a lot of it. The Movies was one of my favorite PC games anyway, and I had no idea how much people had done with it. I realize I'm late to the party as far is Machinima goes, but I think I can still contribute. Especially since its mostly just for me anyway.

7. A Star Wars Machinima. Based on Josh's game, "The Pirates of Doleron".  The story is really good, especially my character. (LOL, yes I'm so modest)

So, I'm feeling really overwhelmed by my own ambition at this point. Add all the maps, game plots, stories, and other stuff I've got brewing in my demented mind, and I have no idea where to start.

Lately, I've just been blowing it all off and playing Far Cry 2.  I love that game, even though the ending is disturbing.

I think this may be the main reason I don't attempt to sell my figures.  I don't want to turn a hobby I like in to a semi-job I dread. When I start feeling pressured up about all this, I sort of let it drift a while. Then, I see the stuff that artists I respect are doing, and I want to be a commercial venture as well. Major mixed feelings.

One other thought. Once, a member of Cardboard Warriors wrote something I felt really strongly about.  Upset me really. It was something along the lines of "Anything free is valueless. I only really like and respect the stuff I've had to pay for."  Not an exact quote, but that was the gist I got from it. Really? Okay.


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