I'm Still Still Here

My Boot Hill game is on hiatus. I'm burned out as a GM.

Not totally true... I've got a couple of players that are making things real world personal, and it drives me away from the table.  I'm about to start playing, as a player, a d6 Star Wars campaign my good friend is running, and a Star Trek DS9 game run by another friend.

I've decided to port my Brimstone game to d6 as well.  I love the system, and it just works so well.

Meanwhile, I'm creating buildings for my Brimstone terrain table. I'll post what I can as soon as I get something finished.

For some reason, I've got this "story bug" going. I drive all day and think of these.... I'm not sure what to call them. Short stories, whatever.  None of it is really game usable.  I seem to have a couple of novels working here. The only thing is, they are pretty explicit. That part concerns me. I have no idea what to do with any of it....


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