Paper Miniatures

I have a love for miniatures games also. Sometimes, its as much fun to just have a battle or two. I love terrain, and I love building it. Years ago, I had a huge collection of miniatures, and a lot of home built terrain I was really proud of. It was almost all Fantasy or Sci-Fi stuff though. After ten years of moving, and driving a cattle truck for a living, I left pieces of my collection all over, from Oklahoma City to Hereford Texas, to Clovis New Mexico.

My ex-wife, an amazing mini painter in her own right, wound up with the bulk of our figure collection.  I hope she's still enjoying them.  Now days, I have much less space, both for storage and workspace. A couple of years ago, I discovered the OneMonk Miniatures Forum . I love the place, and the people there. I've learned a huge amount from those talented folks. You should go check it out.

In any case, I've switched my miniatures collecting over to Paper Figures.  I've drawn several sets, but as I haven't gotten them colored in as of yet, I haven't shared much.
A few things I've been working on.

Its mostly just line art at this point. I'm still undecided as to how I want to color them. I was really worried they would lose all the detail printed out at 28-30mm. So far so good. I need to figure out my coloring style.

At this point, I still don't have enough figures or terrain made up to have an actual game. Sad. Here's a little of what I have gotten made up.

 The Parlour Saloon is a Whitewash City building I modified. Pretty simple stuff.


paladin said...

Burlesque Galore! With those girls on stage you could easily forget, that you have lost your last dollars to Doc Feather (the character above ...).

Promising, well done miniatures, Brent.

A shading/coloring tip from me: if you choose a base color and use it to 'fill' one body part, do it with 100% opacity/intensity. For dark shadows choose a darkened version of the SAME color with opacity of about 50-60%. For highlights choose a lightened-up version of the SAME color with opacity of about only 15-25% (depends on the highlight intensity). With those opacity settings you have to add up the shadows and lights with several strokes, but you will see, that you have more control to build up very smooth shading ... .



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