Blackwater Gulch

Several months ago I ran across a link to some folks making a new Western Shootout type game. I signed up as a play-tester. I tried it out then, with a few of my paper figures. I liked the rules pretty well then. It was a fast, elegant system then. They've revised it though, and you can go get a free copy of it here. I was really impressed, and I'm kind of jaded. It's a bit warhammer-y, but not in a too derivative way. I did a little fight between 10 figures (5 on a side) inside a Saloon and it got real bloody, real quick. Close range is bad for your health. As soon as my Brimstone town terrain boards are made, I intend to have some gunfights with Blackwater Gulch on a larger scale, to see how the game moves, etc. I like the hell out of that name too... very evocative.

Highly recommended.


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