Paper Figures, Update

I've had a long several days. Including a great game session I pulled almost entirely out of my ass, with no prep at all.  Seat of the pants can be fun but wow... I came close to panic.  I dunno if my players caught on, or if they're too good of folks to mention it.  I think the latter.

I did get a few more figures done, and added them all to a file, so you can have them all at once.

Next, I'll finish my Saloon Girls. We've almost got enough here to have a gun fight.  After this, I've got 5 more PCs to finish, and a horde of NPCs from the "Guns of Brimstone" game.  I plan to re-draw my previous work, which looks so bad compered to these. Bad. Yuck.

I hope to post a bit more in the next few days, provided life calms down a bit. Riiight. That will happen. Well, enjoy these. More on the way.


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