Paper Figure- Saloon Girl

I've been working on a few new figures. This is one.
I'm fairly proud of her.

Most of today, I hung up Christmas lights. Just in the past hour or so I was able to work on anything. I'm not sure about the boa.


paladin said...

Brent, she pops! Looks sharp from the 'distance' (= if small as above). Nice red, indeed. I think, you can get rid off the tiny border 'dots' (= the few hairs on the right side of her curls, some overdone Boa details, the left single curl) by strengthening the cutout line. You could also fill the white holes under her armpit, between her shoes and right from her knee. Must not be black, some darker shade would work. Sometimes those delicate figures are looking somewhat heavy (ugly) with a fat cutout-border. You have to try. There are no rules beside easy cutting ... . Maybe you could make her kneecap a bit softer by softening the (perfect) line of it, I mean: use the Lasso Tool in GIMP, catch this single line and lighten it up ... . Overall, I think, you style is a very good compromise between detail, clearness and realism. Nice face of her, also. Yeah. This is good stuff. Historical Gaming. ;)

Brent Davis said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try them.

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