Saloon Girl 1 Update

I managed to finish up Lottie tonight. I don't think I've done her justice.  For some reason, this was the hardest back I've done yet.  The hair just.... wouldn't work for me. Maybe I'll return to her and re-work it a bit later.

Since she's only 30mm tall, this will work for now.

It looks like I'll have a bit of time off work coming up, so maybe I can get a few things done. I'd love to have a horde of these finished.

One thing I have done for these last few, I "borrowed" a color palette from RAFM Miniatures. Seems to help with the shading I think.  Helps me have consistent colors from one figure to the next, which is something I've had trouble with.  Anything that gives a touch of uniformity and style to them is a good thing in my opinion.


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