Hired Gun Figure

Well, I actually got one finished. I'm not sure if its too dark or not. I built one, just to check my work.  One issue is that I'm unsure on the scale. It measures out to 30mm to the eyes, both in GIMP and printed and based. I dunno. Seems small to me. In any case, I'm starting to move on my miniatures project again. I've got my coloring style figured out. Finally.

Here it is based... I kinda left my built terrain pieces over at the Gaming Place. Oops. So no cool little vignette this time....

 Oh, yeah... If you aren't aware of OneMonk, you'll need to know how to base these. Here is a link to some free bases. Pretty self explanatory.  Bases  Be sure and check out the rest of the site while you're there. Very cool stuff if you like paper figures.

Here is the finished miniature. Like I said before, I'm seeing the scale as correct but it looks small to me. Oh well, rulers don't lie.
It looks like this...


paladin said...

Yeah, that's 30mm-eyeline-scale for sure. Pretty little thing, isn't it? You see, shading is pretty flawless on this one ... . No need to worry or be afraid of coloring the rest ... go on.



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