Terrain Boards

Last night, I started on my Terrain Board project. I gathered up some foam-core. Wow, its gone up since I last worked with it. $2.89 each at Target. So, 4 sheets purchased. I am making this map.
So, I started with the cliff to the north. In scale, its about 15 feet tall. So 3 inches. I figured paper mache would be the way to go. Plus, my 10 year old girl seemed to have fun with the whole "mess" aspect of it. I miscalculated or something. The "hill" never got rigid enough to build on at all. The foam-board warped like mad too. Damn. The results are totally un-usable. I guess plan B is some sort of styro-foam.

I do want to build all the terrain out of paper if possible though. You know, paper mini's, paper terrain... its a theme. I'll keep ya posted.


paladin said...

Yes, styro-foam is the route to take, I think, Brent. In Germany it's called Styrodur C. People here are building any gaming terrain imaginable out of this stuff. You can cut and paint it easily. It's extremely durable and lite-weight. Combinations of styro-foam and paper are also aesthetically pleasing. I would not limit yourself to paper only. I could imagine some really cool desert/Canyon props with Styrodur. Have a look at those German Styrodur Masters:


Brent Davis said...

Thanks for the link Paladin. I used to use a lot of Styro for terrain. I now know where to get thicker chunks of it as well, so I'll go that way with this project.

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