Back in Business... Paper Figures

Thanks to some awesome friends I likely don't deserve, I'm back. Its not as fast as my old one but it works. One thing though, for some reason I can't get the monitor to look the same... Oh well, I'll work on that.

So, I found a couple I had been working on, lurking in my DropBox and here they are.

These guys are hired thugs, dressed in expensive suits.
The idea is, they are supposed to look uncomfortable...
and mean.

I feel that the poses are pretty generic, but, in my defense, they've been sitting around for a while. I may yet do some more work on these two. Not sure yet.

This whole mess has taught me the value of backing up my files. Working with GIMP, without my personal tweaks was kinda tough. I'll have to set this copy up like the other one was.

At this point, I'm uncertain how to proceed. I've been giving these away since I've been making them. I wasn't sure about going commercial, since I'm a niche within a niche here. I'm still not sure. I'll continue to make them in any case. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I'm thinking I'll re-color and possibly re-draw my previous work at this point. I need more figures... Hell, do any of us ever get enough figures?? I'm thinking about gangs for Blackwater Gulch, and characters for my Boot Hill game. I also have to create some terrain. I put that project on hold a bit when I lost my computer.  Since we're playing in New Mexico, I gotta have some adobe buildings. I'm figuring on re-texturing some stuff I've already got.  Otherwise, the Vulture Gulch I bought from Microtactics is wasted money. I'll write a review of that one day. Trouble is, my Grandpa taught me to say nothing if you can't say something nice..... That part will be tough.


paladin said...

Hi Brent,

just tuned in. Damn, feel sorry for your dead computer. I am glad, you can continue to work ... . And this work is obviously pretty, I mean, really, really neat. You usually see by first glance at a drawing/artwork, if it works or not. And those two noble thugs ARE working in every way: form, pose, color. Period. If you ask me: this is commercially viable artwork. I've seen much worse paper minis on other sites and on the commercial RPG platforms (e.g. PAIZO ones). As I said, your strictly historical approach is convincing - and I think, there is demand for such stuff - as OkumArts has shown. Of course, he is not selling the most with his Western stuff, but he seems to sell nonetheless ... . So, if you're going for some extra bucks ... why not? I think, the most dangerous thing, that could happen, is: by turning your hobby into a product you could grow a sort of self-pressure to become more perfect or industrial/prosperous - which is ok, if it doesn't hinder your production. I for myself have huge problems in that regard.



Brent Davis said...

Hey Paladin. Thanks for the encouragement. I've recovered my files, so things are going well there. My biggest concern about selling these is... how. I need to educate myself as to what I can do to get them to anyone that might want them. OkumArts stuff is great. He's what made me think I might be able to actually sell something.

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